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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Richard Wright website update - Malta

Having just returned from Malta and London I have updated my website with a Malta Homepage portfolio and a larger general Malta gallery. 
(The Malta shots will remain as the Homepage for a month.)

These can be viewed at:
A small boy walks through a shaft of light on a side street of Valletta, Malta. Richard Wright photo.

Captions should show if you hover over the image.
Of course, a website can only hold a selection of images and there are lots more in my files and more to be posted. The London images will be added in the next few days.

Malta is an magical gem in the Mediterranean - a place of fantastic light and a wealth of history and photographic subjects.  From the neolithic temples through the massive fortifications built by the Knights of St. John in the 16th century, to the 1800s forts and the World War Two defensives there are images wherever you turn. As well the island is known for its blue seas, rock formations such as the Azure Window, mysterious cart tracks in the limestone bedrock, and climbing. It is not know for its cycling, due to crazy traffic, nor wildlife. Despite my interest in wildlife I managed to photograph only a few goats, one lizard and no birds. Dwarf elephants and hippos once grazed here but they are long gone.
A plus side was that it was 16C there and -35 at home. I will definitely be returning.

Assignments and projects over the next few months include:
March-April - Natural Bridges National Monument, Cedar Mesa ancestral pueblo ruins and Hovenweep National Monument; wildlife and migrating waterfowl at Bear River Refuge, Utah. Travelling with our mobile RV studio.
April May - Mountain caribou project - continue shooting on this endangered species here in Cariboo, with an expansion of the project to include video. This season we are placing more markers so we can record snow levels and snow pack firmness; we are hoping for funding to do some flights and are placing more game cams to track migration.

I am open for assignments at most times.
Let me know if you would like to view some of my images or if I can be of assistance.

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