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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Getty gives way 35 million images

The British Journal of Photography today (March 6th, 2014) reported that as of March 6th, Getty Images has released 35 million photos for free non-commercial use by bloggers and some other web users. This, at a time when stock photographers are struggling to make a living.

BJP says:

Getty Images’ move is expected to have drastic repercussions across the entire stock photography market, which has been forced, in recent years, to compete against the number one stock library by slashing its prices. Peters believes some agencies might want to follow Getty Images’ example – Magnum Photos, in recent months, for example, toyed with the idea of allowing non-commercial use of its collections of images, as reported by BJP – and he says Getty Images is open to conversations to share its player with others. “We think this is a bigger decision and a bigger issue than Getty Images. We’ve always been opened to using our platform to benefit other content creators.”

As for Getty Images’ own photographers, the new embed program won’t have an opt-out clause. “If you’re a Getty Images contributor, you’ll be participating in this.

A link to the full article:


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