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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On the Road at Canyon de Chelly

Spider Spire, Canyon de Chelly

Taken with a Nikon D800, 16-35mm Nikkor, 32mm, ISO 100, f4, 1/100th, waiting for the light 40 minutes.
As the sun wanes Spider Woman spire leaps 600 feet toward the rim of Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo lands of Arizona. A raven croaks, far below we hear a horse gallop - and then, visitors: A  cell call "How do you want it shipped? Ground or air?"  Really? Kids call out; a father gives camera instructions.
How can they speak in the cathedral-presence of this marvel of nature and a 2000-year old culture. I want to yell: "Silence you heathens - be gone ye blasphemers."
 I don't - I just breath in the majesty and linger in the setting sun.

This is a place I have to come back to. Magnificent. Grand. Overwhelming.

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