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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Photographing the rainbow cyclist in Mong Kok

Hong Kong in motion

Mong Kok street corner. D7000, 27mm, f22, 1/2 sec.
Street photography in Hong Kong is a visual feast with a multitude of opportunities passing before you, from beggars to high fashion, from the ubiquitous trolly carts to buses and Ferraris. Several times I just stood on a street corner protected from the rushing crowds by a stanchion or guard rail to shoot the passing crowds.

Mong Kok street crosswalk. D7000, 27mm, f22, 1/2 sec.
In downtown Hong Kong the dominate colour is often black, certainly for clothing, but in the other island districts like Kowloon or Mong Kok this not so much the case. Yet everywhere there is a frenetic pace to the streets.

In Mong Kok I spent a half hour one day, trying to make myself and my camera invisible, perhaps needlessly as there are more cameras per capita than anywhere I have been, yet I felt conspicuous by size and race.

The rainbow cyclist, Mong Kok, Hong Kong. D7000, 21mm, f25, 1sec.
I kept trying different exposures and shutter speeds, and lens, to get just the sense of movement that I wanted. It was a hit and miss situation. Usually a 1/2 sec seemed about right. Then a couple of cyclists came by and I dialed in 1 sec. and panned. I got a few good shots, including this one that I call the Rainbow Cyclist. The rainbow is, of course, the colorful traffic spectrum, passing buses with flashing lights, cars and even a few pedestrians.

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