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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hong Kong Village Photography

Lei Yue Mun village

As I have said before in terms of a variety of subjects nothing much can beat Hong Kong. One of my favorite places to spend a few hours was the village of Lei Yue Mun, across the harbour from Hong Kong city and east of Kowloon. The village is stretched along the shore, beginning at a typhoon harbour and ending near an ancient temple with old cannons.

The harbour itself is a great place to people watch as many folks live on the junks in the protected shelter.  Over the space of a few hours you can watch the comings and goings as they fish, transfer goods from ferries to shops, deliver fish to the many seafood restaurants and mend nets and traps ready for another day's fishing.

This village was about the first place I took Amy on my second trip to Hong Kong, and overall I have spent a good many hours there and taken close to 1000 photos. It is easily to pass the hours on the docks, and fortunately was a short cab ride from my son's home, which meant it was easy to pack Manfrotto tripod and gimbal and 200-400mm lens, which was not always the case on the subway.

When we had tired of the harbour life the seashore and harbour narrows beckoned, and then the stroll through the village to the temple.

There are many large seafood restaurants scattered along the shoreline, some reasonable, some not, some serviced by locals, all aggressive in trying to get you to choose the fish of your choice from one of the large tanks and then have it prepared in the restaurant which they service.

Finally there is the wealth of bird life in the harbour and along the shore. But that is material for another blog.

Hong Kong - a city of many faces.

All photos taken with a Nikon D7000 and a variety of lenses.

All photos c 2012 Richard Wright


  1. Lei Yue Mun, pretty decent seafood, as I recall.

  2. Hi John ; Yes, you're right, but the guy peeing in the harbour did kind of turn me off. I have been working on the Mai Po photos and blog so I will be catching up soon.