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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to - Photographing Northern Lights over Wells, B.C.

Night Shooting with the D800

The northern lights were one of the topics of conversation at our neighbourhood Thanksgiving dinner. "Did you see them last night? About 2 a.m."
Well, actually no, I was sound asleep, and, I am not getting up tonight to check.
But coming home after an extended conversation, at 12:30 a.m., there they were, dancing in the sky. Shafts of cosmic light flashing through the sky, grouped around the Big Dipper and the Pole star.
Nope, too tired. Maybe tomorrow.  But when I arrived home I had to change my mind.

Manfrotto tripod, ball head, D800, set to M, 15 sec exposure, wide open on a Nikkor 24mm f2.8. Six shots. Processed with Aperture 3 with only a little vibrancy added and here we are. And in bed by 1:15 a.m..
The D800 never ceases to amaze me with it's night photography capabilities.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Barkerville, Cariboo, Heritage House and CCCTA

Barkerville and the Cariboo Goldfields

It has been a hectic summer with little time to blog. All my spare time, which is precious little, has been writing and photographing for my new book, "Barkerville and the Cariboo Gold Fields", due at Heritage House publishers [http://www.heritagehouse.ca/] at the end of this month, for release in spring of 2013.  I did not realize how much the story has changed in the past decade, so it will be an exciting new read for those interested in Cariboo history.

In the meantime I was surprised at the recent Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourist Assocation AGM, [http://www.landwithoutlimits.com] when president, Pat Corbett, honored me with the President's Award. In posting on FaceBook Pat said:
"It was a thrill for me to recognize the lifetime work of Richard Wright of Wells Barkerville BC for his outstanding work as an author or 22 books, theatre productions, music & song writing all in the promotion of the Cariboo, and the Cariboo Gold Rush that led to the formation of a nation called Canada. Richard was awarded the President's Award of the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Ass'n. Richard has left a legacy, and is becoming a legend for his lifetime of work...."

Pat, the owner of the Hills Health and Guest Ranch at 108 Mile, [http://hillsguestranch.com/] and I have been friends for years so it was a special treat to receive the award from him.

Then four nights later the Friends of Barkerville and Cariboo Historical Society [http://www.barkerville.bc.ca/] held their AGM and elected me President. More work, but an honor to serve an organization of which I was founding president 28 years ago.

A friend recently tagged an email with the comment:
Do not stay where you are tolerated. Go where you are celebrated.

I will take both of these events as a Cariboo celebration.

Now, that "Barkerville" deadline looms, so time to paste my ass to the chair and write a few more pages.