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Monday, July 30, 2012

Winter in Hong Kong

Hong Kong with a camera

If I had to choose a favorite city for photography it would be Hong Kong. London is great, but for diversity of subjects Hong Kong takes it.  I have been there twice, for a total of three months, and if I ever feel in need of an Asian culture hit that will be my first choice, for HK, as so many refer to it, is so much more than a city.  It is an island, a seafront and villages, steeped in history, resplendent with natural history. The city is turbulent, fascinating, aggravating, dirty, beautiful, crowded, yet with islands of calm.

I have been fortunate in my visits there to have a home base, the home of my son, his wife and my grandchildren. And they were able to introduce me to this cosmos of chaos and beauty.

When my partner Amy and I travelled to HK this last winter we were dropped into the city from our homes in Vancouver and Wells. Wells is a village in the Cariboo Mountains, and Vancouver a village on the west coast of Canada - a village when compared to the great cities of the world, a fact so evident on ones return from London or HK.

While not my best nor my favorite shot of Hong Kong this captures the essence of the city.
The western culture of MacDonalds reflected in a high end clothing store; the ubiquitous cell phones;
 black clothing, shopping bags and a plethora of signage.  Richard Wright photo
The weather was poor when we arrived. (See my blog of Mar.10, 2012: Hong Kong in the rain for the set up to this piece.) Natural history and hiking seemed poor choices so I decided to drop Amy into HK city life all at once.  Octopus fare cards in hand we hit the subway and headed to downtown Central HK and some street vendors.

Scaffolding is constructed with a spider web of bamboo with skilled and
daring riggers scrambling over the framework. Richard Wright photo

Steep cross streets head straight uphill, lined with merchants and vendors
 displaying every conceivable item. Richard Wright photo.
For me it was a welcome repeat visit. Amy, on the other hand was overwhelmed by the sight and smells of street cooking, the variety of seafood, the chaos, traffic, people and the wonderful choices of vegetables and fruit which gradually filled her pack.

It was the beginning, just day one, of a 6-week immersion in a new culture, and for both of us, a photographic journey. Stay tuned.

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