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Saturday, April 14, 2012

D800 manuals available

Heading to Jasper for wildlife

I am heading off to Jasper/Yoho National Parks for a few days shooting while on my way to an Urban Wildlife Interface Conference in Cranbrook, B.C..  Hopefully I will have some time in the evenings for blogging, though there is light until 8pm now, so more likely I will be downloading and backing up on my two portable hard drives. Park websites say some wolves are hanging around and the bears are out. Bighorn sheep are a fairly sure bet and then I'm looking for Mountain goat, the ubiquitous elk of Jasper and anything else that crosses my path.  Then, of course, there is the stunning scenery of the Icefields Highway.

Mountain caribou near Wells, B.C. They are part of a small endangered herd
 that frequents our area. Richard Wright photo.

The Mountain caribou are back here in Wells, so I was able to get a few quick shots on a dull morning. When I am back next week I will spend more time on their migratory trail, in a blind and maybe hiking into the back country with friend Dave J. And, the game cams will go up again.

As I rush out the door I thought I would mention and link to two manuals that are available for the D800: the user manual and a technical manual that addresses high rez and blurring.  Nikon suggests the use of a tripod to prevent blurring that can show up with high rez, 36 meg photos.  My son found the same with HDR - a tripod is necessary.

D800 manual:

D800 Technical manual

These will allow you D800 fans to read up before your camera arrives.  No, I have no word on mine.

See you down the trail.

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