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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nikon D800 - Got It! Unpacking - ready to test

Nikon D800 arrives ready for unpacking and testing!

My son Richard's perseverance paid off. This evening my granddaughter handed me a shopping bag with a couple of boxes. "What's this?" I asked. "A cleaning kit," says Rich.
Then I saw the box - D800. 

The dealer he tracked down here in Hong Kong came through with one of only three D800s he had been shipped - for a premium of $1000. Rich decided to go for it. It had taken some effort as when the supplier agreed to sell it Rich sent a bank transfer, which did not go through due to a single digit mistake. So, not wanting to take a chance on losing it he grabbed cash from the bank, jumped in a Kowloon taxi and personally delivered the ransom.

In the meantime I had kept looking.  Wing Shing Camera in Kowloon laughed when I asked for a D800. Over on Stanley Street our favorite dealer rolled his eyes and said with frustration, "They only shipped us one piece. One. May get more later."
But Rich had come through - so we unpacked.

The instruction book is the thickness of the New Testament. I may require a second camera bag, and, several weeks to read and digest it.

First view as Rich carefully removes the treasured D800.

Three views, which most of us have seen before, but, in our hands this time.

Inserting the SD card. The CF card will be inserted later. Fortunately I had already bought one.

The battery is the same as the D7000, a plus for those who already have the D7000, but it will not take the MD11 battery pack.  Fortunately, the seller had already partially charged the battery so could test drive the menu.

First impressions: The screen size is a little larger and comfortable to read. The USB cord has a cord protector at the camera end to stop damage. Which comes just the day after I yanked and bent the cord on my Nikon GPS unit. The camera is weighty. The menu seems very similar to my D7000 and Rich's D300 so there is a good familiar feel.
The shutter has a satisfying clunk. All very unscientific, of course.  

The real test comes tomorrow when I will return to Kowloon Park with it's birds and plants. I will reshoot some of the subjects I took the other day to compare 16 megs in DX with 36 megs in FX. Stay tuned. I will post some first samples of the D800 photos tomorrow night - March 29th here in Hong Kong.

Oh - the bad news.  I only have it for a week. Then I leave Hong Kong and leave the D800 with Rich. Hmmm - maybe for a premium ....

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