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Friday, March 30, 2012

Nikon D800 and Aperture 3 compatibility

Aperture 3 needs update for Nikon D300 and D4

I thought it might be worth posting about Apple and Aperture 3 separately to avoid the pain and consternation I felt when I went to download my first batch of photos, from my D800 to Aperture 3 on a MacBook Pro.

The D800 gives good shadow metering and great skin tones. Richard Wright photo.

The bottom line is Aperture 3 needs an update.  Many recent postings on various blogs and forums indicate that the update is not yet available. Some say we have to wait for Aperture 4 and there is some anger that Aperture did not keep up with Nikon.  Well, in fact, they did keep up. And considering there are only a handful of D800s released around the world they really are not too far behind. Contrary to some posts we do not have to wait for Aperture 4 nor shoot in JPeg and Raw until the update comes.

The D800 metering is slightly different than my D7000 and I found a tendency toward underexposure. Likely the error is mine and getting used to the Program setting rather than the Auto setting of the D7000.  An adjustment of 1/3 of a stop solved the issue, as did metering on the dark areas and shifting framing. Richard Wright photo.

A crop of the same frame, from RAW, with only a mild adjustment of Shadows in Aperture  3. No other post production such as definition or sharpening. Richard Wright photo.

Within the last couple of weeks Aperture 3.1.3 updated the Digital Camera Raw files to 3.10 to include the NEF RAW files from Nikon's D4. You can find this with an easy search on Google, or through your software updates.  This also updates for several other new cameras.

However, version 3.10 for the D4 will not handle the D800 files. You will get a "format not recognized" after the files have downloaded to Aperture, as soon as the "import" is complete and the "processing" begins.

So, again, go to your "software update" under the Apple menu and check for updates. This week, March 30, had 4 updates, including the "Digital Camera Raw 3.11" version which makes Aperture 3 compatible with the D800.

I have now downloaded twice and there are no issues.

A crop similar in area to the above shows how definition and detail is retained in the eye.
Richard Wright photo.

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