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Monday, March 12, 2012

Making a lemon into lemonade

Hong Kong - Stanley beach

Sometimes we photographers can make a lemon, or an iffy photo, into something worthwhile.
Soon after arriving in Hong Kong we were booked in my grandson Ollie's school to comment on some performances the children were putting together, so to fit with the crusty British school we dressed up a little, Amy wearing a long red dress.  When noon came my daughter-in-law Fiona took us to the south of Hong Kong Island for lunch on the beach.  It was not a gorgeous day, but it was not raining.
Amy and I walked on the beach for a while and I decided to try some slow shutter speeds on the waves washing onto shore. As it turned out 1/3 of second at f22 seemed about right. Most of my shots were slightly underexposed but one was over exposed to I did a little post production work and found a version I like.

Stay tuned for more on Hong Kong.

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