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Monday, February 13, 2012

Richard T. Wright website goes live at Photoshelter

Website live at Photoshelter

Lantern parade during the Chinese Autumn Moon Festival in Barkerville.
An image from the Barkerville gallery on my Photoshelter website. Richard Wright photo.

            It’s been a long time coming but my new website has finally gone live at Photoshelter, a site that hosts and markets photographer’s images.
            You can find the website at: http://richardtwright.photoshelter.com/

The site is still in its infancy, with only a couple of hundred photos uploaded of what will soon be thousands of images.  First I had to build the site from templates and drop down menus, then select photos and divide them into galleries. And, while Photoshelter has some great templates and tutorial videos, and says you can go live in just minutes, the reality is that it will be some hours or days later that you are finally ready to launch. There were nights this last week when I thought my brain would explode.

A wedding shoot on an island near Hong Kong. Richard Wright photo

            One issue is deciding what your gallery titles are going to be, and, how much you want them to have SEO or search engine optimization – which of course affects the name you give the gallery.  Right now mine are basic.  Then each photo has to have a file name, caption, headline, title and then keywords.  This is a labourious process that can be made easier, I am told, by software. So far, I am plowing my way through with some batch changes and some individual image changes.  Those who are familiar with IPTC fields know there are lots of other fields that can be filled in as well.

Annabelle, my granddaughter, waiting for breakfast at Stanley, Hong Kong. Richard Wright photo.

            Within a couple of weeks clients will be able to order prints or reproduction rights directly from the website with payment made through any number of payment schemes such as Paypal.
            I opted for this route after a year of research on agencies and web hosts. The business has changed a lot from the old days of physically filing transparencies with a Vancouver or Toronto agency. (One of whom ripped me off of hundreds of transparencies - but that is another story.) The top agencies such as Getty are hard to get accepted into, always have been, and the so-called micro-agencies offer photographers bulk sales (they say) at low income. For instance, for a magazine cover photo that would normally bring a minimum of say $350.00 up to thousands, the photographer might get .50 cents. Not interested. So a middle road is sought by most photographers, perhaps combining several niche agencies and a site like Photoshelter, essentially a photo agency as well as a website host.  There are others but they offer more website and marketing assistance than anyone else I was able to find.

Blue fish boats near Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong. Richard Wright photo.

            I will report back on how it goes. Right now I have to finish taxes for the year, keep shooting, tag more photos with information, upload more galleries such as one on Grassland of B.C.'s Interior, and prepare for our flight to Hong Kong next week. Stay tuned.

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