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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

GoPro Hero dash cam on Highway 26 to Barkerville

Just a short post as I head south to Vancouver for the holiday season.

On my way home from "town" the other night - Quesnel that is - I rigged up the GoPro Hero as a dash cam. Utilizing an aftermarket suction cup mount and the GoPro tripod adapter mount, I found a reasonable place on the windshield.  Then I set the camera for one frame every 30 sec. and up-side down mode. This means even though the camera is mounted upsdie down the images are right side up. A cool feature. And I now have it in beep mode to facilitate knowing when it is on.  Then I wait 30 secs to make sure it is firing. Next trip I will have a mirror so I can see the front of the camera and make sure it is firing.

I had hoped to drive the 80 kms in daylight as it was beginning to snow, but no luck.  Half way home, about 4 pm and it was dark.

My goal is to get a portfolio of pictures that show what life in the Great White North is like, the weather we have to deal with and why we have moose bars on the front of our trucks.  One day I will get the shot I want - a moose right in front of the truck captured by the dash cam.
I did see a cow moose and yearling, but they were on the side of the road, at dusk, in a snow storm.
Automatic exposure with the D7000 and it was about bang on - just a little post work to the RAW image in Aperture 3 and we were good to go.

One note for GoPro SD cards and Aperture 2.
I normally take out the SD card and use a flash-drive type card reader to download into my Mac Book Pro and Aperture 3.  This time I tried for close to an hour and could not get the card to download.  Finally I went to the card directory and found a video file sitting at the bottom. Inadvertantly I had turned on the video for a few secs as I was setting the dash cam. I dumped the video file off the card into the trash and sure enough, with a reboot, everything was tickity boo and on the go.

The drive home did not produce any spectacular shots but there were a few of the 475 that were interesting at least. Delete 100, keep 375 for now and work on a dozen.

The GoPro Hero will remain as a dash cam and on my drive tomorrow I am going to set up the Nikon D7000 with a remote to the steering wheel and keep trying for that moose.

Merry Christmas to all readers. I hope to get one more post in before Santa comes.

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