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Sunday, November 20, 2011

My left eye - Welcome to my blog

"The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things:
of images, and shutter speeds
of cameras and kings
Of why and  how the world is seen
And whether pigs have wings."
Apologies to Lewis Carroll

Neolithic mining site at Halstatt, Austria

Time for another blog, trustfully with a different perspective.

I have had a camera to my left eye for well over half a century, over five decades - a long time. From a Kodak Tourist camera shooting 120 film, to 35mm, 2 1/4 square and 4 x 5, from 8mm to 16 mm, from Kodachrome and Ektachrome to digital pixels.
I have shot for myself, for CBC TV, for numerous magazine and newspapers, for clients from weddings to realtors, from BC Parks to Stock Agencies.  I have writen extensively on photography and taught for Continuing Ed and college. And the main thing I have learned is that it is all about perspective.

Three generations of hands

So, I have been told I might have something to pass on as I continue trying to learn how to tell a story with images.
This blog is a step in that direction.
I will write about all manner of photography.  I will write about perspective, film, digital images, pole cameras, mast cameras, trail camers and new cameras - from compact to large frame.

Up coming topics will include:
Being reintroduced to photography.
Building a mast camera.
 Travel to: Hong Kong, Burma, Germany and Austria, England and Scotland and the USA.
Working with and reviewing trail or game cameras.
On assignment at Glauberg, Germany.
The Caribou Project.
Cariboo architecture.
Photographing the Great White North.
Wildlife files from the past.
Photographing history...
Winter sun halo in Cariboo
Hong Kong skyline - sunset

Glauberg calender poles at dawn

And many more
So this new blog is a step in that direction.

You are able to join in the discussion, comment or ask questions if you sign in as a follower.

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  1. I love this opening blog, Richard. As you are wont to say, "Great stuff!" Though I know you never use exclamation points, I will in this case to point up my enthusiasm for your new venture: blogging.